National Retreat Washington, D.C. 2013


The National Conference of Puerto Rican Women, Inc. (NACOPRW) is a national organization with chapters in various cities.

We are the only national organization of Puerto Rican women in the United States dedicated to promoting the civic and cultural participation of Puerto Rican women and other Latinas in the economic, social and political life in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Election Day is Tuesday, November 4. These elections are about our jobs, our health, our communities, our security and our future. Take time to understand who the candidates are in your district and what they stand for, select the candidate you feel will best represent what is important to you, and most importantly, please come out to vote tomorrow, November 4. Your vote counts, as long as you show up to cast your vote. Make your voice heard and your vote count!

A Message From The National President

National President

Bienvenidos! It is my pleasure to welcome you to Philadelphia - the City of brotherly love and sisterly affection for NACOPRW’s 41st Annual National Leadership Conference.

The theme for this year’s conference “The Path to Empowerment, Advancement, and Equality – A Latina’s Perspective” echoes the mission and goals of NACOPRW. Since 1972, NACOPRW has dedicated itself to promoting the civic and cultural participation of Puerto Rican women and other Latinas in the economic, social and political life in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Throughout our chapters, NACOPRW women are active in their respective communities, work tirelessly to advocate for the civil rights of women, and promote the professional and leadership development of Latinas, especially our youth. I would like to recognize the exemplary leadership and guidance of our founders and past leaders who have paved the way for many generations to come.

Today, more than ever, NACOPRW is fully committed to continuing our journey of advocacy, promoting social equality and empowering young Latinas who will inherit and continue the legacy of NACOPRW.

Our conference planning committee has worked diligently to create a forum for networking, sharing ideas, learning and discussing issues important to Latinas today. You will have an opportunity to meet and network with leaders from across the United States and Puerto Rico as well as benefit from the knowledge and insights of invited guest speakers and thought leaders in the areas of Health, Technology, Education, Social Media, and Civil Rights. We know you will be inspired by new ideas and knowledge that will contribute to your professional and leadership capability.

This conference is made possible because of the support and dedication of many individuals. I would like to thank all our sponsors for their generous contributions and ongoing support of NACOPRW. Thank you to our Conference Chair, Xinomara Velasquez Yehuda, the Executive Committee, Chapter Presidents and NACOPRW members for their time and dedication. My sincerest gratitude to the Philadelphia Chapter for hosting our conference this year, to Amaris Hernandez, President of the Philadelphia Chapter and all its members who have helped to make this conference a success.

I look forward to meeting you in Philadelphia and to a great conference!

Con cariño,

Lourdes Hernandez
NACOPRW National President


National Leadership Retreat 2014

The 2014 NACOPRW National Convention is October 31 to November 2, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA. Please save the date.

NHLA Presidential Appointments Project 


Sotomayer Nomination
On May 26, 2009, in the East Room of the White House, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden officially welcomed then-Judge Sonia Sotomayor as the nominee to become the next Justice of the Supreme Court -- making her the first Latina to serve on the highest court in the nation. Click the photo to view more White House photos of Justice Sotomayor's confirmation journey. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)

BACKGROUND - Nominations and Appointment Process Background

The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda is leading a community-wide effort to identify strong candidates to serve the President of the United States.

NHLA’s Presidential Appointments Project serves as the talent bank for Latino professionals seeking appointed positions in the next presidential administration. If you’ve ever considered working for the federal government, now is the time to apply for an appointment to the Obama Administration and help to bring about positive change for our country.

While Barack Obama lays out the agenda to move the country forward, his staff plays a key role in actually undertaking the hard work of implementation. Appointed officials have the power to set or influence the policies of the many federal departments and administrative agencies that make up the executive branch of government.

NHLA's Project will ensure that qualified, committed and talented members of the Latino community have the support they need to pursue important appointed positions. NACOPRW supports the NHLA Presidential Appointments Project.

 Mari Carmen Aponte Ambassador      

Ambassador Aponte had the Support of the National Conference of Puerto Rican Women, Inc. and the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda. 

Countless local and national Latino organizations around the country, including the Hispanic Congressional Caucus, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda and NACOPRW worked tirelessly over the past several months to get Ms. Mari Carmen Aponte confirmed as Ambassador of El Salvador. President Obama supported her and the White House staff worked diligently to secure every vote possible. Secretary Clinton personally called Senators to advocate for Ms. Aponte’s nomination. Also NACOPRW commends Senator Menendez for supporting Ms. Aponte from the start and for his noteworthy leadership on this issue.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the following: “… Ambassador Aponte was an exemplary nominee of whom all Americans can feel proud, and I am glad she has been given the opportunity to continue to serve her nation as an excellent ambassador...” During her recess appointment, Ambassador Aponte was an outspoken advocate for American values and democracy and a staunch supporter of U.S. private enterprise. She reached an agreement with the Salvadorian government to open a new, jointly-funded electronic monitoring center to fight transnational crime.

Born in Puerto Rico, Mrs. Aponte went to school on the United States mainland but never severed her roots to Puerto Rico. She obtained a B.A. in Political Science from Rosemont College and went on to earn her Juris Doctor at Temple University. She is known for her legal experience and accomplishments in the private, public and non-for-profit sector and for dedicating countless hours to advocating on behalf of those in need.

The National Conference of Puerto Rican Women is a proud member of the National Women’s History Museum


What is the National Women's History Museum?
The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM), founded in 1996, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational institution dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and celebrating the diverse historic contributions of women, and integrating this rich heritage fully into our nation's history.


The ASPIRA Association promotes the empowerment of the Puerto Rican and Latino community by developing and nurturing the leadership, intellectual, and cultural potential of its youth so that they may contribute their skills and dedication to the fullest development of the Puerto Rican and Latino community everywhere.

Drexel University College of Medicine -An American Conversation about Women and Leadership which was created by the University’s Institute for Women’s Health

Vision 2020 is dedicated to creating a decade of action and education to promote women’s leadership and gender equality leading up to celebration of the 19th Amendment which created women’s suffrage in 2020

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