President's Message

Amaris Hernandez Padgett

As President of the National Conference of Puerto Rican Women, I am first, and foremost, thankful for all of the Puerto Rican women that have paved the way before me. I am thrilled to lead NACOPRW in its 51st year as an organization! 

Our 50th Annual Convention in 2022 took place in Miami, Florida and the theme was "Celebrating Puerto Rican Women Icons from the last 50 Years". 

With all of the issues in today's economic and political climate, both on the island and mainland, I believe NACOPRW has the potential to make great strides over the next two years. My priorities will focus on the following:

1. Growing our technical footprint and social media presence.

2. Expanding our committee on Puerto Rican issues, so that we can become a hub of information sharing and in the forefront of policies that are critical to the island.

3. Creating a sustainable model to secure financial stability, including growing our membership and chapter presence.

I am humbled to work alongside these phenomenal women on our 2024-2025 National Board:

President  - Amaris Hernandez Padgett

Vice President  -  Maria Roman

Second Vice President  -  Lynette Perez Pizzaro

Treasurer  -  Carmen Adames

Assitant Treasurer - Maritza Rivera

Secretary  -  Carmen Pedrogo

Assistant Secretary  -  Susana Gonzalez

Chicago President  -  Deborah Lopez

Miami President  -  Mayra Lee Hernandez

Milwaukee President  -  Elba Mabel Maldonado 

NY President  -  Rosemary Dominguez-Sotirios

Northern Illinois President  -  Vilma Colom

Philadelphia President  -  LuzSelenia Loeb

SoCal President  -  Gloria San Miguel