Southern California Chapter

Gloria San Miguel, President

Welcome to the Southern California Chapter of the National Conference of  Puerto Rican Women (NACOPRW SoCal)!

We are women of the Puerto Rican Diaspora in Southern California. It is my honor to represent the National Conference of Puerto Rican Women in Southern California as President this year.

Our members reside primarily in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties. While we have a small chapter, our civic, educational, cultural and philanthropic impact has been significant, especially over the last 6 years. Our efforts branch from affirming and celebrating our Puerto Rican culture and the

education of our youth, to reaching out to assist Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria, the earthquakes, and the current health crisis during the Covid 19 pandemic, despite the challenges we face locally.

We raise funds to award scholarships to Puerto Rican and other Latina college students, and offer local events to connect us to our culture, while helping us to serve civically. These include lectures and presentations, cultural workshops, and preparing and celebrating our favorite holiday dishes.

One of our best fundraisers has been our now locally known NACOPRW SoCal Coquito, which is in demand each year. Fundraiser activities have allowed us in the past to contribute to Puerto Rican schools, senior citizen facilities, food kitchens, nonprofits, women cancer health efforts, and medical facilities, in addition to awarding scholarships. 

Please visit our website for updates and information about our ongoing activities . In our effort to maintain the important legacy of our national organization on a local level, NACOPRW SoCal Chapter, and our outstanding board, with Marjorie Patton, Gloria San Miguel, Sonia Lamas, and Dr. Marie Nubia Feliciano, continues to work towards the empowerment of Puerto Rican/Latinx women and youth, to support our heritage, and to give from our hearts, in the tradition of our beloved Island.