Carmen Monroe Iconic Jewels

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You can dedicate a Jewel to a family or friend as well!

It is NACOPRW’s 50th anniversary as a national organization, and we are celebrating our convention in Miami Lakes this year! While commitments may prevent some members from attending, others will be there. But there exists an opportunity to be present in spirit and sisterhood either way!

NACOPRW 2022 is offering "The Carmen Monroe Iconic Jewels" based on the concept of Mother Earth in Greek Mythology. We are recognizing founding member Carmen Monroe along with gems that symbolize beautiful human characteristics. This year, in honor of our theme “Celebrating Puerto Rican Women Icons from the Last 50 Years", we are naming each of the jewels with Puerto Rican Women Icons from the Island and Stateside pairing them from our past history and within the last 50 years. You can purchase jewels for yourself and for women you love and want to honor. Feel free to be guided by the icons and/or characteristics that intrigue you.

These jewels benefit the National board and its ability to raise funds for important activities at the national level as well as to support our state chapter initiatives and development. We hope to get every NACOPRW member’s participation in order to represent the ongoing commitment that we hold dear to our mission and vision and to equally keep and promote the cultural traditions of our Puerto Rican heritage, wherever we may live. Please participate in our Jewel fundraising effort this year by selecting YOUR special jewel/s and the level of donation!


Lola Rodriguez de Tió and Rita Moreno—Diamond: Brilliance (Commitment, love, and spirituality)

Dedicated to Anaida Colon-Muñiz

In Memory of Elba Estrella Cintrón Girona

Dedicated to the New York Chapter Founders & Presidents

Dedicated to Gloria Iris Montes Cardona

In Memory of Herminia Muñiz de Colón

Sonia Colón Lamas

Gloria Caballer-Arce

Margarita Rivera

Ana Celia Zentella

Victoria Rivera Fuentes

Dedicated to Carmen Gloria (Cuca) San Miguel Sandoval

In the Memory of Gloria Iris Montes Cardona

Ana Jimenez

Aida Jimenez

Pura Belpré and Mayra Santos Febres - Ruby: Uniqueness (Friendship, intuition, and loyalty)

Dedicated to Dolores Roque (New York chapter's oldest living member)

Dedicated to Rosemary Domínguez-Sotirios from Celeste

Dedicated to Anaida Colón-Muñiz

Marianna Bracetti Cuevas and Sonia Sotomayor- Emerald: Power (Thought, reflection, and philosophy)

Dedicated to Liza Enid San Miguel Montes

Dedicated to Dra. Carmen Margarita San Miguel

Dedicated to Anaida Colón-Muñiz

Antonia Pantoja and Nydia Velázquez- Sapphire: Strength (Wisdom, virtue, and good fortune)

Rosemary Dominguez-Sotirios

Dedicated to Anaida Colón-Muñiz

Dedicated to the New York Chapter's Executive Committee Members

Felisa Rincón de Gautier and Sila María Calderón- Aquamarine: Optimism (Trust, truth, and positive expression)

Dedicated to Magda Luz Dominguez

In memory of Carmen Dumén-Carvente

Elvira Garcia Armas

Sonia Colón Lamas

Ana Roque de Duprey and Helen Rodríguez-Trías- Amethyst: Beauty (Calm, balance, and peace)

In memory of Carmen Alicia Martínez Hernández

Dedicated to Minelba Acevedo-Castro

En Memoria de mi Madre, Aurora Morante

In memory of Virginia (Chiquita) Martinez

Luisa Capetillo and Julia de Burgos -Opal: Courage (Communication, imagination, and creativity)

Marjorie F. Patton

Luz María Domínguez

Concha Meléndez and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez- Pearl: Grace (Purity, harmony, and humility)

In memory of Vivian Ortiz, past National and Philadelphia Chapter President

Dedicated to the New York Chapter Youth Committee Sponsors

Dedicated to the New York chapter Members

Dedicated to Clara Carbone Jiménez

Maylín Lavadenz Rodriguez